Escape to Brittany

A lovely little getaway in Berrien, in the heart of the 'Parc RĂ©gional D'Amorique'.This lovely little house used to be a shop! Now rescued from more than thirty years in derelict condition it awaits your stay! me for details and prices

Location: United Kingdom

Val and her husband and sons aged 18 and 8 live on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset with 2 dogs a variety of hens and lots of sheep!We grow all our own meat, eggs and 60% of our veg and fruit. We make wine, beer and cider too!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We had a fantastic time at the house and I will be posting pictures of the interior looking fantastic as soon as I can get them sorted. The fireplace has been restored with oak beams from the old joists, most of which were burnt due to being totally rotten. A lovely woodburning stove has been installed and it gives out a lot of heat. We took over a very comfortable sofa and rocking chair along with several lambskins from the sheep for rugs.
The bathroom is superb with a shower that has jets!! and a lovely blue and yellow colour scheme.
The neighbours are very friendly and the highlight of the stay was when two very nice ladies knocked on the door and when invited in told us that the grandmother of one used to live there and as a child more than forty years ago she used to visit her there. Well, these ladies were visiting the area to put flowers on the tombs of their forebears as is the custom on all saints day and thought they would pop in to give the new owner something special..........the original water fountain that went on the wall that belonged to her grandmother!! Wow! what a gift from a lovely lady!
We also ventured out and bought a new gas cooker, nice yellow fridge and all the other appliances you would wish to find in a cottage, except for TV as its going to be a TV free zone!
We visited a fantastic restaurant in the next village, Scrignac and found the amazing cycle path along the old railway line between Morlaix and Chateau neuf de Fou which crosses just between Scrignac and Berrien at Scrignac gare which is an old station now the 'maison de la chasse'


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