Escape to Brittany

A lovely little getaway in Berrien, in the heart of the 'Parc RĂ©gional D'Amorique'.This lovely little house used to be a shop! Now rescued from more than thirty years in derelict condition it awaits your stay! me for details and prices

Location: United Kingdom

Val and her husband and sons aged 18 and 8 live on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset with 2 dogs a variety of hens and lots of sheep!We grow all our own meat, eggs and 60% of our veg and fruit. We make wine, beer and cider too!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year everybody! We had a great time at Berrien, where the whole village was adorned with Christmas trees provided by the commune that people whose house they were near decorated.
We had lights across the road too and by our cottage a rather strange flashing ladder.......!
We entertained friends and had a jolly good time, swapping one of Stuart Andersons oven ready geese for a home produced lambskin, learning how to cook on a gas cooker..............I have to admit I had never used one before as we have an old rayburn at home! The house had its shutters fitted while we were there and more finishing touched added. The woodburner keeps the whole place toasty and warm and it is just about finished! The kitchen is looking good and so is the rest!
We also went on a long walk to the local standing stone that is a fertility symbol........I do not need to tell you why the picture tells all!
The walking in this area is amazing with miles of tracks to walk, ride and cycle on. In fact the keen cyclist could cycle from the house off road to Carhaix, Morlaix and beyond!
We also noticed that all the routes locally were very well signposted and easy to follow.............there are at least 10 circular walks locally too, and that is just the ones we have discovered, there are plenty more we haven't! I will be going back sheep permitting for a bit more painting at the end of Jan but then will not be back for a while as we start lambing in early March. Pete will be going for a week to do the pointing and make the house look even smarter.


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