Escape to Brittany

A lovely little getaway in Berrien, in the heart of the 'Parc RĂ©gional D'Amorique'.This lovely little house used to be a shop! Now rescued from more than thirty years in derelict condition it awaits your stay! me for details and prices

Location: United Kingdom

Val and her husband and sons aged 18 and 8 live on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset with 2 dogs a variety of hens and lots of sheep!We grow all our own meat, eggs and 60% of our veg and fruit. We make wine, beer and cider too!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

We will be going over to Berrien in July for a week..............really looking forward to going! The highlight as far as I am concerned will be meeting up with some of the wonderful people I have met on 2 forums where people can chat and/or get help and advice about living in Brittany!
These forums are Anglo Info Bretagne and the amazing and very funny Brittany Friends
Some of the advice I have received and help offered has saved me a fortune in money and also made me laugh so much when a bit down. Check it out and smile!


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