Escape to Brittany

A lovely little getaway in Berrien, in the heart of the 'Parc RĂ©gional D'Amorique'.This lovely little house used to be a shop! Now rescued from more than thirty years in derelict condition it awaits your stay! me for details and prices

Location: United Kingdom

Val and her husband and sons aged 18 and 8 live on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset with 2 dogs a variety of hens and lots of sheep!We grow all our own meat, eggs and 60% of our veg and fruit. We make wine, beer and cider too!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Thought you might like to see a moving post of Berrien!! My first go at moving pictures!! My little house is just up the road where it starts from. As you can see and hear its very quiet.....My other half who took it was standing in the middle of the road at the time! The noise at the end is a car....but not him being run over!!